Engaging Cities and Regions in the Global Nature Agenda

Engaging Cities and Regions in the Global Nature Agenda

Pathway focus: Nature-based development

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How can we build a more sustainable urban world through nature-based development? How can local and subnational governments contribute directly to achieving global biodiversity targets at local and landscape level?

Local and subnational governments have an extraordinarily special role to play in the global fight to preserve biodiversity. Among the United Nations Conventions, the post-2020 global biodiversity framework is unique, as it gives explicit recognition to engaging with local and subnational governments.

This virtual high-level dialogue brought together subnational governments and cities from the global north and south and addressed the importance of this recognition, focusing on its significance across urban rural linkages and landscape-based action for nature-based development, as well as at the city scale. They also highlighted its significance in terms of interlinkages with other agendas such as climate, health, human rights and sustainable development. Check out the resources for this session here.