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ICLEI World Congress 2024 Program

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Thematic Session Tracks

Adapting to our changing world

Understanding the impact of new and emerging trends, and what cities, towns and regions worldwide need to know to ensure urban systems are resilient and equitably serve all community members

Spotlight on South America

Showcasing best case practice in the region on sustainability challenges faced by local and regional governments worldwide

Mechanisms for change

Exploring innovative ways cities, towns, regions and communities are leveraging all the tools at their disposal to transform sustainability commitments into action

Global Research & Innovation Symposium

The 7th Research & Innovation Symposium on 18 June is a dynamic event that brings together local leaders, policymakers, and foremost experts and leaders in urban sustainability research and innovation. As a place to connect and share, it aims to bolster the capacities and knowledge of local and regional governments in leveraging leading-edge science, technology, and innovation, toward pioneering solutions and advancements in global sustainability.

Key objectives this year include enabling a human needs-centered approach to systemic innovation, unlocking the potential of projects through innovative climate finance, initiating radical collaboration, addressing critical data and technology gaps prioritized by cities, and fostering transformative dialogue to guide urban sustainability worldwide.