The ICLEI World Congress 2021 - 2022 program

Structured as a two-part event, the ICLEI World Congress 2021 – 2022 will showcase how local and regional governments across the ICLEI network, together with their partners, are advancing sustainable urban development worldwide.

Participants will learn about and exchange on cutting edge issues and challenges in the field of sustainable urban development. The thematic framework for the congress program will be constructed around ICLEI’s five development pathways: Low emission development, nature-based development, circular development, resilient development, equitable and people-centered development.

The first part will be a virtual event held 13-15 April 2021. This event will primarily serve as the occasion to present ICLEI’s newly elected governance bodies, launch the ICLEI Malmö Strategy 2021 – 2027 and ICLEI Malmö Action Plan 2021 – 2024, and hold a limited number of high-level events with a focus on ICLEI’s 5 pathways, the contribution of local and regional governments to the UN Decade of Action on Sustainable Development (2021 – 2030) and showcasing our host city of Malmö.

The second part will be a three-day, in-person event in Malmö during the second quarter of 2022, so far as the global health crisis permits, with selected opportunities for virtual engagement. The exact dates will be decided to best synergize with other events in the field of sustainability taking place in the Öresund Region, as well as avoid overlapping with other international events. The Congress will feature three days of core programming for participants, featuring strategic high-level dialogues continuing the discussions from the first part of the event, as well as prioritizing technical visits/workshops and networking opportunities that benefit from and take advantage of active in-person participation.