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About ICLEI World Congress

ICLEI World Congress

Every three years, ICLEI hosts the ICLEI World Congress to showcase how cities, towns and regions across our network are advancing sustainable urban development worldwide. The ICLEI World Congress connects local and regional governments with their peers and strategic partners, and provides a platform for discussions that will inform and enhance their work.
ICLEI World Congress banner reading A World of Local Action, with a huge group of people parading behind it on the street of Seoul, with a large balloon floating above reading Promise of Seoul.

The ICLEI World Congress is a platform to highlight how local and regional governments can collectively push for action and policy change that better position local and regional governments to reach their potential. The Congress demonstrates the impact and potential of taking action together and demanding more effective global and national policy.

Additionally, as a content rich event, the ICLEI World Congress facilitates learning and idea sharing, ultimately conveying what sustainability looks like on the ground and what it really means for those who transform concepts and goals into policy and action. Technical staff and policymakers in city and regional governments will be exposed to new and alternative ideas that they will be able to bring back to their local contexts.

The ICLEI World Congress is also a connection point that can lay the foundation for longer term collaboration. It is an opportunity to link local and regional governments with their peers and to build strategic ties with national representatives and key actors, stakeholders and influencers within and outside the governmental and sustainability spheres.

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