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From two billion tons to zero: taking on our big waste problem through the circular economy

Stage 6 (Upper level)
19/06/2024, 16:30 - 18:00

Cities produce just over 2 billion tons of solid waste each year and by 2050, this figure is expected to rise to close to 4 billion tons. While cities are a strong driver for waste generation, they also offer opportunities to implement zero-waste and circular economy strategies and practices where they can matter most.

This session introduces the concept of zero-waste and explores how cities can achieve this outcome by utilizing a circular economy approach. With global attention increasingly focused on waste issues, how can local and regional governments benefit from international processes such as the UN’s International Zero-Waste Day and the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board, both of which ICLEI is a part of. Attendees will also get an inside look at the GIZ project Circular City Labs, which promotes reusable packaging solutions in cities.


  • Aaron Brockett, Mayor, City of Boulder, United States
  • Ana Ligia Mora, Environment Secretary, City of Medellín, Colombia
  • Dong Hwan Lee, Mayor, City of Goyang, South Korea
  • Evaldo Azevedo, Solid Waste Coordinator, Undersecretariat of Water Resources and Basic Sanitation, State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Iris Kriikkula, Circular Economy Project Manager, City of Turku, Finland
  • Jason Naud, Director of the Québec Government Office in São Paulo, Government of Québec, Canada
  • Mariana Maia, Solid Waste Superintendent, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mauro Haddad, Director, SP REGULA, City of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Shannon Bouton, CEO, Delterra
  • Gino van Begin, Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Olga Horn, Senior Officer, Circular Development Team, ICLEI World Secretariat


Magash Naidoo, Head Circular Development, ICLEI World Secretariat
Paul Currie, Director of Urban Systems, ICLEI Africa Secretariat

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