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Stage 3 (Ground floor)
21/06/2024, 11:00 - 12:30

With work already underway on the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Cities, due in 2027, we will provide cities and subnational governments with an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from leading IPCC experts about the objectives and potential scope of the special report. We will also learn more about the state of climate change science and gain perspectives from local and regional governments on how the report could change the state of play for city climate action and what the priorities could be for the upcoming report.

We will explore key agendas for city-led research and innovation to clarify existing aims and motivations, identify research gaps and priorities, and examine regional research and innovation needs to expedite climate change action in urban areas. The session will also include a discussion of the ICLEI Global Research & Innovation Strategy, updated this year to catalyze and steer collaborative research initiatives that empower subnational governments to accelerate sustainable development underpinned by robust research.


  • Alison Shaw, Executive Director, Community-Centred Climate Innovation & ACT Action on Climate Team, Simon Fraser University
  • Dennis Pamlin, Chief Executive Officer, The Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative, Mission Innovation
  • Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Vice-Chair of the IPCC, Full Professor at Central European University, and ICLEI’s Research & Innovation Portfolio Holder
  • Felix Doehler, Head of Component Climate & Finance, Sector Project Cities, GIZ, Germany
  • Martin Wainstein, Founder and Executive Director of Open Earth Foundation
  • Saharnaz Mirzazad, Incoming Executive Director, ICLEI United States Office


Pourya Salehi, Head of Urban Research, Innovation, and Development Team, ICLEI World Secretariat