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Town Hall COPs: Local voices tackling the climate emergency

Stage 5 (Upper level)
21/06/2024, 11:00 - 12:30

Meaningful, authentic community engagement requires all cities and regions to enhance the inclusivity and comprehensiveness of stakeholder events. Hosting “Town Hall COPs” and other climate-related events allows local governments to raise voices up from across their communities — but not every city has learned the techniques to achieve deep engagement.

Through a panel discussion format that simulates a “Town Hall” style of event attendees will glean tips and techniques from diverse perspectives — including from elected leaders, technical experts, community representatives, and youth advocates — for bringing a Town Hall COP or other stakeholder-centered climate event to their hometown.

The session will focus on inclusivity and holistic engagement and delve into innovative approaches
for fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration within communities. Attendees can expect practical strategies for ensuring that voices from all segments of society are heard and valued in climate discussions. The Q&A “Town Hall” format will facilitate direct interaction between participants and the panelists, allowing for a deeper exploration of critical topics and enabling attendees to seek clarification, share experiences, and exchange ideas.


  • André Previato, Coordinator, Executive Secretariat for Climate Change (SECLIMA), City of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Andrea Paoloni, General Director of Climate Action and Environmental Quality, City of Rosario, Argentina
  • Ava Richardson, Sustainability Director, Department of Planning, Office of Sustainability, City of Baltimore, United States
  • Renata Sene, Mayor, City of Francisco Morato, Brazil
  • Silvia Cervelini, Director and Co-founder, Delibera, Brazil
  • Stefan Wagner, International Director, City of Bonn, Germany
  • Walter Osigai Etepesit, CEO & Founder, Walton Africa Waste Company


Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy, ICLEI World Secretariat

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