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Nurturing community and planetary well-being

Stage 2 (Ground floor)
20/06/2024, 12:00 - 13:30

Discover how cities can flourish when nature and human health unite. Join us for a dynamic session, where you’ll hear experts delve into actionable strategies and ignite collaboration to build healthier, sustainable communities for all. We will explore the transformative power of integrating nature into urban planning through the lens of One Health. The One Health approach, as advocated by the World Health Organization and recognized in several Convention on Biological Diversity decisions, in planning and decision-making by recognizing that human health and well-being are intrinsically linked to the health and well-being of the planet.

This session sheds light on how the One Health approach can revolutionize urban well-being, showcasing tangible strategies for integrating this approach into urban planning decisions. It also explores the potential of nature-based solutions (NbS) to enhance the health of the people and the planet, offering insights into overcoming barriers to mainstreaming NbS at the local and subnational levels.

Join this empowering panel that champions One Health and NbS principles in urban planning endeavors. Together, we’ll chart a future where nature thrives in cities nurturing both human and planetary well-being.


  • Cristina Romanelli, Programme Officer, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Juliana Gatti, Founding President and Executive Director, Living Trees Institute
  • Luis Carlos Soares Madeira Domingos, Urban Health Researcher, Fiocruz
  • María Aurelia Sarmiento, Mayor, City of San Fernando, Ecuador; Representative, AME
  • Mauricio Vila, Governor, State of Yucatan, Mexico
  • Paula Forttes, Director, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Chile
  • Rogério Menezes, Environment Secretary, City of Campinas, Brazil
  • Wilson Ramirez, Director Centre for Nature based Solutions at the Institute Alexander von Humboldt (Conexus), Colombia
  • Kobie Brand, Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability; Regional Director, ICLEI Africa Secretariat


Marília Israel, Regional Advisor for Biodiversity and Resilience, ICLEI South America Secretariat
Shreya Utkarsh, Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions Expert, ICLEI European Secretariat

Graphic Artist:

Marina Dain, Ciclo Gaia Viva, Brazil