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The power of youth: Building fair and equal communities

Stage 2 (Ground floor)
21/06/2024, 11:00 - 12:30

Local and regional governments increasingly recognize the critical role that young people must play in achieving ambitious climate goals through local action. But we still lack clear paths, processes and approaches on the systematic and effective inclusion of young people’s voices in local and regional government processes and activities. Young people can have impactful actions in cities with innovative ideas and initiatives that improve the well-being of the community, but lack knowledge or support to engage in the processes in local and regional governments. As a result, we are leaving good ideas on the table, and young people’s capabilities are not fully explored.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the success stories of youth organizations and international cooperation opportunities that have embraced and empowered youth-led initiatives. Our goal is to create a dialogue between local governments authorities, young people and relevant stakeholders on youth-led initiatives in public space. Our speakers will include young people, youth organizations and experts to discuss the best ways to generate impactful results for fair and equal communities through youth-led initiatives, and attendees will go home with tangible approaches of how to offer more opportunities for better youth participation and encourage and value young people’s contributions and projects to build more inclusive cities and governments.


  • Cassia Oliveira Moraes, Founder, Youth Climate Leaders
  • Iarima Naama, Supervisor of the Environmental Education Subprogram, Sustainable Amazon Foundation
  • Júlia Bonitese, Children’s Ambassador for Climate Justice and Environmental Activist
  • Júlio César Leite, Youth Policy Coordinator, City of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Pradeep Karuturi, Cities Working Group Member, YOUNGO, India


Armelle Cibaka, Manager of Planning, Administration and Knowledge, ICLEI South America Secretariat

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