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7) UMAPAZ – Coordination of Environmental Education and Culture of Peace, Open University of the Environment and Culture of Peace

14:00 - 17:00
Available in Spanish, English

Site Visit Description

Please note that this visit requires comfortable clothing, as this site visits will include a 8-10 minute bike ride (2 km). Groups will leave PACUBRA by bicycle, inside the park, accompanied by monitors, to Viveiro Manequinho Lopes, in UMAPAZ, a bicycle journey that will last 8 to 10 minutes, as it is 2 km away, after the UMAPAZ visit people are released from activities after 4:30 pm.

During this visit, the group will learn about the facilities and operation of UMAPAZ – Coordination of Environmental Education and Culture of Peace and Open University of the Environment and Culture of Peace. UMAPAZ plays a fundamental role in the formulation and promotion of Environmental Education in the city of São Paulo, through a variety of activities and courses that encourage social participation in improving the environment and promoting a culture of peace.

After visiting UMAPAZ, the group will be taken to Viveiro Manequinho Lopes to participate in the Environmental Adventure Program. The primary objective of the Program is to raise critical awareness among participants regarding socio-environmental issues. The itineraries are structured to promote the exercise of reflection on the relationship between human beings and nature and the awakening of the senses through an immersive experience, where topics related to fauna, flora, biodiversity, climate change and to socio-environmental impacts . In the roadmap prepared for the Congress, we will also address some of the public policies for sustainable solutions implemented by the City of São Paulo.

Site Visit Description

Departure: Pacubra (by bicycle)

Arrival: UMAPAZ (Ibirapuera Park – Av Quarto Centenário, 1268. Gate 7A)

Return: Please not that there will be no transportation provided to the Wyndham Hotel. Participants need to organize the return to their hotel.