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1) Agricultura Urbana – Huerto “Mulheres do GAU” y Centro de Educación y Recuperación Nutricional

14:00 - 18:00
Available in Spanish

Site Visit Description

Visit to the GAU Women’s Association supported by Sampa+Rural . The Sampa+Rural program aims to strengthen various forms of agriculture in the city, considering it a reference in sustainable urban food systems. Using the Sampa+Rural platform to map more than 2000 locations related to agriculture, markets, rural tourism and food policies, the project includes the restructuring of 5 Greenhouse Schools to train those interested in agriculture.

Disseminate concepts such as female empowerment, care and respect for the environment and all beings, solidarity economy, environmental education and preventive medicine. This is the mission of a group of women from Vila Nova União who have cultivated themselves at Viveiro Escola. The Women of Gau are farmers and cooks who support the community while running their own businesses. An example of how urban agriculture and the solidarity economy go together. They carry out Coffee Break services , environmental and food education workshops, experiences in the space itself.












CREN is a reference center with international recognition, which has been working in the area of education for 30 years. nutrition and in the treatment of malnutrition and obesity in children and adolescents .

Since the founding of the institution we use one work methodology that is based on three pillars, they are Pillar 1 Integration of teaching, research and public policies, Pillar 2 – Nutritional Health Care and well-being and Pillar 3 Innovation, consultancy and multiplication, which go together and feed each other , giving amplitude to our work. This process happens based on the premise: Adequate and sustainable food and nutrition.

To develop its activities, CREN has a partnership with SMS (Municipal Health Secretariat), SME (Municipal Education Secretariat ) , SMDHC (Municipal Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship), companies, foundations, NFP program (Invoice Paulista) and donations from individuals and legal entities.


Please note that it is recommended to wear closed shoes as the route of the visit has an urban vegetable garden.

Site Visit Description

Departure: Pacubra

Arrival: CREN Vila Jacui Pe Ticão (Rua Um, 32, Jardim Matarazzo)

Return: Hotel Wyndham São Paulo Ibirapuera