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2) Urban Agriculture – Horta “Sabor da Vitória – Terezinha” to take advantage of the territory used to transmit electromagnetic energy.

15:00 - 17:00
Available in English

Site Visit Description

Visit to Horta Sabor da Vitória supported by Sampa+Rural . The Sampa+Rural program aims to strengthen various forms of agriculture in the city, considering it a reference in sustainable urban food systems. Using the Sampa+Rural platform to map more than 2000 locations related to agriculture, markets, rural tourism and food policies, the project includes the restructuring of 5 Greenhouse Schools to train those interested in agriculture. Horta Sabor da Vitória has its origins with the couple Terezinha and José Nildo. Both came from Bahia to São Paulo. Despite living in an urban environment, their taste for contact with the land led them to grow certified organic products in SP. Furthermore, they were responsible for opening the first organic store in São Mateus.

Please note that it is recommended to wear closed shoes as the route of the visit has an urban vegetable garden.

Site Visit Description

Departure: Pacubra

Arrival: R. Serafim Dias Machado, 88 – Jardim Santa Adélia.

Return: Hotel Wyndham São Paulo Ibirapuera