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9) Vila Reencontro is a transitional housing service for homeless people and families, containers that transform into modular homes

14:00 - 16:00
Available in Spanish, English

Site Visit Description

Vilas Reencontro are facilities managed by the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance and Development (SMADS) within the scope of the Reencontro Program. The Program involves integrated and inter-secretariat actions aimed at the homeless population and coordinated by the Municipal Government Secretariat. Vilas Reencontro aims to offer transitional housing and is inspired by Housing First policies . The aim is for SMADS to carry out social work with users who already have a certain degree of autonomy, aiming for a qualified exit from homelessness to independent housing.

The equipment consists of 18 m² modules that accommodate families with a maximum number of 4 members who have been registered in the secretariat’s information systems. There is a prioritization of vacancies for: families with children in early childhood, women victims of violence, families with elderly people, people with disabilities, transgender people.

Currently, SMADS has 6 Villages, including:

    • Vila Reencontro “Cruzeiro do Sul” with 40 modules and capacity to house 160 people.
    • Vila Reencontro “Anhangabaú” with 40 modules and capacity to house 160 people.
    • Vila Reencontro “Pari” with 100 modules and capacity to house 400 people.
    • Vila Reencontro “Santo Amaro” with 68 modules and capacity to house 272 people.
    • Vila Reencontro Guaianases with 64 modules and capacity to house 256 people.
    • Vila Reencontro “Jabaquara” with 114 modules and capacity to house 456 people.

Site Visit Description

Departure: Pacubra

Arrival: Vila Reencontro Jabaquara (Av. Engenheiro Armando Arruda Pereira, 4433)

Return: Hotel Wyndham São Paulo Ibirapuera