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Transforming local food systems for global impact

19/06/2024, 14:15 - 15:45

Cities have great potential to tackle many of the challenges we currently face, such as increased severe weather events, biodiversity loss, high rates of isolation, and malnutrition. Transforming our urban food systems has emerged as one of the most comprehensive strategies to tackle many of these challenges at once.

Emphasizing the importance of inclusive and culturally appropriate approaches, this session introduces the benefits of local solutions in addressing global challenges to achieve more sustainable and resilient food systems. This is exemplified by ICLEI’s global “CityFood” program, which aims to accelerate local and regional government action toward sustainable food systems transformation. We’ll hear panelists from around the world illuminate concrete examples of their efforts toward ensuring healthy people, healthy landscapes, and a healthy planet. Within a “fishbowl” format, attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and stories in an exciting and interactive environment.


  • Ana Caetano, Planning and Management Advisor, Secretary for Food Security, City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Gabriele Phillip Annis, Director of the International Relations Office, City of Rome, Italy
  • Gertrude Rose Gamwera, Secretary-General, East Africa Local Governments Association (EALGA)
  • Juliana Medrado Tângari, Director, Comida do Amanhã Institute; General Coordinator, Luppa, Brazil
  • Mohamed Sefiani, Mayor, Municipality of Chefchaouen, Morocco; ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member
  • Sara Granados, Specialist in Food Systems Governance, FAO LATAM
  • Soninha Francine, Secretary of Human Rights, City of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Victor Ténez Ybern, Head of Strategic Planning, Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Spain


Anna Bruen, Senior Expert, Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions, ICLEI European Secretariat
Balance Phala, Officer Global Projects, ICLEI World Secretariat

Luke Metelerkamp, Senior Officer: Urban Systems, ICLEI Africa Secretariat
Paul Currie,  Director: Urban Systems, ICLEI Africa Secretariat

Peter Defranceschi, Head ICLEI Brussels Office; Head Global ICLEI City Food Program, ICLEI Brussels Office